Documenting my family-history

Having been digging around my family history, I really need to get it documented…
I have been keeping notes in an LibreOffice document, and pondering how to link the tree into, my notes and various media…
and am looking at Gramps 4.1.0 (running on Ubuntu Linux) – as this looks like a possible solution

to build all that into into a web/html solution that I can then stick on a CD for the family (in a portable XAMPP solution)…


LEDnotify – on the back-burner, but…

Time for an update

I am still using LEDnotify, but have had no feedback that anyone else is – so I will carry on with it at my own pace…

I have just installed it on Ubuntu 14.04, so here is a better list of packages I had to install (with Ubuntus software center) to get it running –

  • python-appindicator
  • python-pyude
  • python-usb
  • python-tk
  • python-pil.imagetk
  • python-numpy
  • python-gdata
  • python-dateutil
  • python-tz

“Packaging” is on my list of things to look at…

Also – to install the psutil tool (which is used to stop processes), this is shipped with LEDnotify in the psutil-0.7.1 directory.
To install it –

  • cd psutil-0.7.1
  • sudo python install

My things to do list has these (and more) –

  • Alerting on Skype messages
  • A more pythonic rewrite of code
  • Packaging

PS – I found the V1.1.7 post as a draft – oops – and I am not sure how to change the order of posts now – so the V2.0.1 come lower down…

LEDnotify – still working on V1.1.7

I have the Twitter authorisation working well now, I am now playing with what (and how) to alert on Tweets…   Ideas? – please leave me comments…

I have also been adding more to LEDnotify – EG, see the Indicator Applet menu in the screenshot below.   The alert icons are created to reflect the LED colours of the alerts…

I am getting a second LED unit, and will update LEDnotify to direct alerts to which ever one you select.  I will also test NO LED units – as the could be useful for alerting via the Indicator Applet only.   I will get V1.1.7 out first…

I have seen that LEDnotify has been downloaded a few times, but I have yet to have any feedback – please do….

LEDnotify V1.0.0



LEDnotify V2.0.1 (and future)

LEDnotify V1.0.0


LEDnotify V2.0.1 is available to download –

This has a long list of changes – see the A_Release-notes.txt file…  Including :

  • Support for BlinkM LED units
  • Google calender alerting

I am running this version, but am not 100% happy with it – especially how the USB units react under Linux to loss of power – I will look at this further and see how to handle the USB side better.

In 2014 I plan LEDnotify V3 – this will be a rewrite, as the code has grown in a prototyping style as I learned python and all the other connected stuff…

I would like to make V3:

  • More pythonic and object based
  • Less platform dependant

If you have any thoughts on this, then please do write to me here…

My Family history

I have added a page on this –

I will add some posts about family history –

* some as links to use for others to find me on other sites

* some as items about Python and/or GEDCOM.

EG: I have been using simplepyged ( to look at the GEDCOM exported from Family Tree Maker (FTM 2005).
Note that the GEDCOM must be in the “abbreviated” form for simplepyged to recognise it – and FTM’s default is not “abbreviated”.

LEDnotify in 2014…

OK, I know that I have not released V2 yet – there are some bugs, but I have not been focused on LEDnotify as much…

I will release V2 soon…  I am using it, and it works ok.  The main problem is with USB devices going away if a hub is turned off.  EG I have one LED unit plugged into the side of my monitor – when the monitor is turned off, the device goes away – I need to look at these devices, and “auto-reconnect” them.
Rebooting is also still causing me grief with the USB devices – I might look at something like turning a hub off & on in software to redrive connections.

I have just plugged all my LEDs into one hub, which has on/off switches – this will make it easier to “replug” the USBs until I find a software solution (which will probably just turn the hub off and on when LEDnotify is started).  Another cheep fix from eBay…


LEDnotify – Bug Warning

Update:  OK – this could just be a USB / Reboot issue – I noticed that one of the Dream-Cheeky units had not been fully recognised during the reboot – run this command:      find /sys -name green -ls
It should find a directory like:
and it did not – unplugging and replugging the device fixed this and my PC has not crashed since…   This USB reboot problem is a pain…


Something changed…   Since an Ubuntu update, I have had my system hang and/or crash when running LEDnotify.

I have not worked out what is causing this yet – it could be a glib thing, or something to do with the Indicator Applet, or something USB related…