V1.1.6 – LEDnotify

Tested (!) and uploaded to Sourceforge…

* Fixed bug in heartbeat cycling of alerts
* Update to pidgin alerts to show if it is a new or updated conversation
* Split diag/message levels to allow the log file to have more detail than stdout
* Diag level on LEDnotify command line overrides conf diag level if lower
* Log diag level defaults to diag if not set.
* Added more error checking for Application Applet menu construction from the
LEDnotify.conf file.
* Indicator Applet menu now ordered by the order of items in the [menulabels]
section of the LEDnotify.conf file (and not by the order of the sections above).
* Added reverse “escalate” of alerts – to show an alert if the higher one is reset..

Enjoy, Ian


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