LEDnotify – working on V1.1.7

I saw another project had “under Active Development” on its page… and “That’s a short way of saying that features are missing, broken or incomplete.”

So – on with more development of LEDnotify…

The major update I am working on is to run the Twitter poller and alert on Tweets.

Twitter now knows about LEDnotify – you don’t logon to Twitter as such – Twitter allows an App to connect to it.

Here is a sample Twitter Authorization page:


Don’t bother using it – it returns a PIN number to enter into LEDnotify that enables the rest of a handshake to occur – this will have to be done when you start LEDnotify to check Twitter.  I plan on having an option to remember this, or just have it on a “per-session” basis.

(Note: the old Twitter userid/password authorisation method was discontinued, hence all the work to use oauth in LEDnotify)


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