Talking here is like talking in a dark room – you have no idea if there is anyone else in the room, or if they are interested in what you have to say – but it keeps ME entertained…

I am still working on LEDnotify, but am making some changes to the way things work, which is taking me some time to learn how to do things better…   EG, a small diversion into an alternative way of logging messages proved fruitless, but I now understand that area better…  I keep improving all sorts of pieces of code – and LEDnotify can now drive multiple LED units – EG separating different types of alerts to separate units.

But I am still doing battle with tkinter for the GUI parts, and still need to finish the Google Calendar module.

I fancy a Rasperry Pi for Christmas – and get LEDnotify running on there – if only to save running my main PC all the time – and save electricity…




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