LEDnotify in 2014…

OK, I know that I have not released V2 yet – there are some bugs, but I have not been focused on LEDnotify as much…

I will release V2 soon…  I am using it, and it works ok.  The main problem is with USB devices going away if a hub is turned off.  EG I have one LED unit plugged into the side of my monitor – when the monitor is turned off, the device goes away – I need to look at these devices, and “auto-reconnect” them.
Rebooting is also still causing me grief with the USB devices – I might look at something like turning a hub off & on in software to redrive connections.

I have just plugged all my LEDs into one hub, which has on/off switches – this will make it easier to “replug” the USBs until I find a software solution (which will probably just turn the hub off and on when LEDnotify is started).  Another cheep fix from eBay…



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