LEDnotify – on the back-burner, but…

Time for an update

I am still using LEDnotify, but have had no feedback that anyone else is – so I will carry on with it at my own pace…

I have just installed it on Ubuntu 14.04, so here is a better list of packages I had to install (with Ubuntus software center) to get it running –

  • python-appindicator
  • python-pyude
  • python-usb
  • python-tk
  • python-pil.imagetk
  • python-numpy
  • python-gdata
  • python-dateutil
  • python-tz

“Packaging” is on my list of things to look at…

Also – to install the psutil tool (which is used to stop processes), this is shipped with LEDnotify in the psutil-0.7.1 directory.
To install it –

  • cd psutil-0.7.1
  • sudo python setup.py install

My things to do list has these (and more) –

  • Alerting on Skype messages
  • A more pythonic rewrite of code
  • Packaging

PS – I found the V1.1.7 post as a draft – oops – and I am not sure how to change the order of posts now – so the V2.0.1 come lower down…


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