LEDnotify – still working on V1.1.7

I have the Twitter authorisation working well now, I am now playing with what (and how) to alert on Tweets…   Ideas? – please leave me comments…

I have also been adding more to LEDnotify – EG, see the Indicator Applet menu in the screenshot below.   The alert icons are created to reflect the LED colours of the alerts…

I am getting a second LED unit, and will update LEDnotify to direct alerts to which ever one you select.  I will also test NO LED units – as the could be useful for alerting via the Indicator Applet only.   I will get V1.1.7 out first…

I have seen that LEDnotify has been downloaded a few times, but I have yet to have any feedback – please do….

LEDnotify V1.0.0




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