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LEDnotify – on the back-burner, but…

Time for an update

I am still using LEDnotify, but have had no feedback that anyone else is – so I will carry on with it at my own pace…

I have just installed it on Ubuntu 14.04, so here is a better list of packages I had to install (with Ubuntus software center) to get it running –

  • python-appindicator
  • python-pyude
  • python-usb
  • python-tk
  • python-pil.imagetk
  • python-numpy
  • python-gdata
  • python-dateutil
  • python-tz

“Packaging” is on my list of things to look at…

Also – to install the psutil tool (which is used to stop processes), this is shipped with LEDnotify in the psutil-0.7.1 directory.
To install it –

  • cd psutil-0.7.1
  • sudo python install

My things to do list has these (and more) –

  • Alerting on Skype messages
  • A more pythonic rewrite of code
  • Packaging

PS – I found the V1.1.7 post as a draft – oops – and I am not sure how to change the order of posts now – so the V2.0.1 come lower down…


LEDnotify – still working on V1.1.7

I have the Twitter authorisation working well now, I am now playing with what (and how) to alert on Tweets…   Ideas? – please leave me comments…

I have also been adding more to LEDnotify – EG, see the Indicator Applet menu in the screenshot below.   The alert icons are created to reflect the LED colours of the alerts…

I am getting a second LED unit, and will update LEDnotify to direct alerts to which ever one you select.  I will also test NO LED units – as the could be useful for alerting via the Indicator Applet only.   I will get V1.1.7 out first…

I have seen that LEDnotify has been downloaded a few times, but I have yet to have any feedback – please do….

LEDnotify V1.0.0



LEDnotify V2.0.1 (and future)

LEDnotify V1.0.0


LEDnotify V2.0.1 is available to download –

This has a long list of changes – see the A_Release-notes.txt file…  Including :

  • Support for BlinkM LED units
  • Google calender alerting

I am running this version, but am not 100% happy with it – especially how the USB units react under Linux to loss of power – I will look at this further and see how to handle the USB side better.

In 2014 I plan LEDnotify V3 – this will be a rewrite, as the code has grown in a prototyping style as I learned python and all the other connected stuff…

I would like to make V3:

  • More pythonic and object based
  • Less platform dependant

If you have any thoughts on this, then please do write to me here…

LEDnotify in 2014…

OK, I know that I have not released V2 yet – there are some bugs, but I have not been focused on LEDnotify as much…

I will release V2 soon…  I am using it, and it works ok.  The main problem is with USB devices going away if a hub is turned off.  EG I have one LED unit plugged into the side of my monitor – when the monitor is turned off, the device goes away – I need to look at these devices, and “auto-reconnect” them.
Rebooting is also still causing me grief with the USB devices – I might look at something like turning a hub off & on in software to redrive connections.

I have just plugged all my LEDs into one hub, which has on/off switches – this will make it easier to “replug” the USBs until I find a software solution (which will probably just turn the hub off and on when LEDnotify is started).  Another cheep fix from eBay…


LEDnotify – Bug Warning

Update:  OK – this could just be a USB / Reboot issue – I noticed that one of the Dream-Cheeky units had not been fully recognised during the reboot – run this command:      find /sys -name green -ls
It should find a directory like:
and it did not – unplugging and replugging the device fixed this and my PC has not crashed since…   This USB reboot problem is a pain…


Something changed…   Since an Ubuntu update, I have had my system hang and/or crash when running LEDnotify.

I have not worked out what is causing this yet – it could be a glib thing, or something to do with the Indicator Applet, or something USB related…


LEDnotify V2.0.1 – still cooking

I have added so much to V2 that I am still testing and changing…

I plan to release a beta of V2 as V2.0.1.

Most if V2 works, but I need to polish it more, and I have a concern over a new GUI panel I have added to display alerts – it locks the LEDnotify process whilst the GUI is open (So just use it and close it…) – so I will add more threading to improve on that…




Talking here is like talking in a dark room – you have no idea if there is anyone else in the room, or if they are interested in what you have to say – but it keeps ME entertained…

I am still working on LEDnotify, but am making some changes to the way things work, which is taking me some time to learn how to do things better…   EG, a small diversion into an alternative way of logging messages proved fruitless, but I now understand that area better…  I keep improving all sorts of pieces of code – and LEDnotify can now drive multiple LED units – EG separating different types of alerts to separate units.

But I am still doing battle with tkinter for the GUI parts, and still need to finish the Google Calendar module.

I fancy a Rasperry Pi for Christmas – and get LEDnotify running on there – if only to save running my main PC all the time – and save electricity…