I started this blog as a place to write about the a project I have started to work on at home –  LEDnotify :



Click the big picture to see it working —>

LEDnotify_Dream-CheekyThis is a utility to run on Ubuntu Linux – to light-up an LED indicator to alert on events.

I started with a “Dream Cheeky USB Webmail” USB LED unit (pictured right ->), but now also have a Blink1 type USB LED too.

The events to alert include : new emails, IM messages, Google calendar events, etc.



This has been a learning experience in Python…   I started by looking at the dBird notifier project (http://dbirdnotifier.sourceforge.net/), but it assumed you ran twitter and pidgin (I have yet to get into twitter – I have kept that code in LEDnotify, but am unsure if it fully works – it failed from the start, but that could be my twitter account, or a code change I made…).

I wanted something more flexible/configurable, and I wanted to learn more about Python.

I have since looked at lots of other projects, code and websites…   I have tried to use the best ideas from them (taking care to credit them, and only look at open-source code).  The read-me for LEDnotify will detail more of this, but I would like to mention:


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